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First Place - Best of Long Island for Hypnosis
Carol Denicker, First Place Winner for Hypnosis


March 22nd 7pm-9pm!

Drop in and visit NYHTC to meet the teachers and find out what we have to offer you in the fields of Hypnosis, EFT, NLP, Past Life Exploration Training and much more!
Carol Denicker receives Rexford L. North Award
Carol Denicker receives Rexford L. North Award (NGH highest meritorious award for education)
Carol Denicker receives Rexford L. North award - 2015
Rexford L. North Award 2015
Carol Denicker inducted into the Order of Braid Council, 2008
Order of the Braid in honor of a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication, and service in the field of hypnotism in 2008
Carol Denicker, NGH Member of the Year Award 2008
Receiving National Guild of Hypnotists Member of the Year Award 2008
Carol Denicker, President, LI NGH Chapter accepts Best Chapter for 2007
LI-NGH President accepts Best Chapter for 2007

     Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy

Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP)

"Train the Trainer" Certification Programs

Learn to hypnotize
  • Career Development
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Expand your Knowledge
  • Integrate Hypnotism Into an Existing Practice
  • Help People Help Themselves
  • Learn to Teach the the NGH Training Program
  • Earn CEUs 

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  • A curriculum that prepares you to offer the broad scope of services unique to the field of hypnotism


  • Classes totaling a maximum of 16 students provide you with optimum guidance and support

    You Should Take This Training if:
  • You are ambitious, desire independence and a great income


  • You are a professional or health care practitioner ready to expand your knowledge, integrate hypnotism into an existing practice to offer powerful, effective hypnotherapy
  • You want to earn CEUs from an approved provider  
  • You are a qualified, intelligent adult seeking to become a Certified Consulting Hypnotist


  • You seek spiritual or personal development to help yourself and others



Call toll free at 888-828-4934 Ext 3 to discuss training for your career in the exciting world of hypnotism today.


"Carol Denicker is a first rate hypnosis educator - Her Grads are always well trained and educated." - Dr. Michael Ellner

This amazing course of instruction and hands-on experience will prepare you at a high level of proficiency in the art of hypnotism. 


NYHTC Pledge to You:

Whether you choose to pursue a career as a certified hypnotist / hypnotherapist, add hypnotism to your existing professional skills, for self enrichment, or to help friends and family, the NYHTC/NGH hypnotism certification training offers the highest quality of education available today in the field of hypnotism.


You will also receive instruction in marketing your skills, supervised quarterly practice, as well as continuing support by phone or email. 


Using a style of education,which is exciting and innovative, you learn the skills, discover the tools, and become proficient in techniques that bring out the best in you. 


Carol Denicker, BCH, CI 
NYHTC Director

Consumer Alert
Licensed schools insure quality training and protect your rights as consumers. Live demonstrations and supervised practice with spontaneous critiques are essential to training which is intended to lead to effective, successful practice of hypnosis. Correspondence courses are limited in their potential to train a person in the science and art of motivational hypnotism and I will not offer them. 

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