New York Hypnosis Training Center


Neuro Linguistic Psychology

(NLP) Certification Training
with Cynthia Lindner, MS

                                               An intensive, experience rich, certification

training, which is approved by the NYS

Education Department.


Your instructor, Cynthia Lindner will teach you how to  use NLP technology.  You'll learn the tools for rapid change and how to achieve dramatic results for yourself and your clients. 


You will learn in easy to understand English,

all the techniques you need to get started.


It is no secret that NLP techniques are used

by leading counselors, coaches and therapists throughout the world. The skills of instantly reading a situation and transforming it has stood the test of time and has proven to be a reliable approach for making dramatic improvements.


Here is your chance to learn from a well known NLP instructor on Long Island. Cynthia Lindner is highly experienced in using NLP technology and in this live training you'll get lots of practice and you'll have your questions answered right away.   


Learn to be your personal best through NLP,

achieve professional excellence, the success

and the recognition you deserve. 

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